Posted by: Alan Richards | May 11, 2009

Day 23 – 11 May 2009 – Into Three Dimensions

The time has come to commit wood to saw.  It has been a nice initial period; telling admiring people about the project and this blog, and buying  tools.  I can also say that the project is perfect, no mistakes have been made – because nothing has started.  Now we have to make something.

This weekend, with the help of Anurag, we built the plywood box on which the boat will be built upside down.  The box is a tight fit in the garage and I’m glad I didn’t select a bigger boat to build.  The boat will be about 16 inches longer than the box.



  1. Alan,

    I’d be interested to know why you built a box rather then the strongback frame that the designer suggests. Was it simplicity, strength or the availability of the material used?

    • John,
      The box method was included, like an addendum, along with the package of plans I received from Iain. I chose it because I was a complete beginner and the idea of using the straight edges and right angles of the OSB sheets to create a true building platform seemed simple. I was not confident in being able to straighten long pieces of wood. It turned out that there were no problems with it. It is quite stiff and only required a few wedges to level it off the floor.

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