Posted by: Alan Richards | May 25, 2009

Day 37 – 25 May 2009 – Less Haste, More Speed

There is an internal quality standard that you set for yourself, that is put in danger when you want to move ahead and quickly get to a point where you can see some tangible results.  Mentally, I know the importance of getting the framework aligned as accurately as possible, because any twist in the framework or misalignment will result in difficulties and compounding errors in the construction, and might even result in a permanent twist in the boat.  However, there is the temptation just to get on with things.  I don’t have great woodworking skills and don’t have expectations of a professionally finished result, but following the impulse to move ahead quickly and compromise on checking could put all the work on the boat at risk.  I am learning that the brain is just as important as the hands in thinking through how things will go together before committing to cutting wood.

Paul Boyer writes in his parallel boatbuilding blog –  ‘Build a Boat, Sail Away’ (see sidebar blogroll) – about learning to love imperfections and accept uncertainty. He writes about these ideas much better than I do.


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