Posted by: Alan Richards | June 7, 2009

Day 50 – 7 June 2009 – Looking Good

photoThis weekend we got the transom cut out and, with Jay’s help, made progress with planing the tabs off the planks.  It is satisfying to see a real part of the boat at last.  You can see the shape of the transom and the wood colors and grain that will be visible when it is finally varnished.  It is a milestone of leaving the planning and preparation stage to move into creating something real.  I still struggle with myself over my impatience to move on.  That is why Jay’s help was valuable, he did a great job with some of the repetitive work that needs to be done with care if you are not going to compromise on quality.  Another manifestation of my impatience is to throw money at the project by buying tools.  I purchased a belt sander to use to remove the excess epoxy from the joints of the transom.  The $100 cost came out of the money available for the project.  However, power tools can be great for removing drudgery from tasks.  I can’t imagine how difficult or how long it would have taken to do the same thing using hand tools. I am sure I will use it often for other tasks, but if the ratio of ‘tools in the garage’ to ‘boat actually produced’ gets too high it gets embarrassing and could invite questions from the management.


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