Posted by: Alan Richards | June 14, 2009

Day 56 – 14 June 2009 – Some Progress

The keelson is getting fitted to the stem.  I had a choice of using white oak or a softer wood such as v.g. clear douglas fir for the keelson – since quarter sawn white oak is what was available in the wood shop, that is what I decided on.  The guy in the wood store recommended against using any wood that might not be durable in a marine environment – he steered me to teak, which at $25 / board foot was out of the question. I hope that the oak being such a hard and stiff wood will not be a lot of work to plane to shape and that it will bend down to the stern okay.




  1. Wow. What an amazingly beautiful undertaking. I’m so glad you are chronicling it.

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