Posted by: Alan Richards | June 22, 2009

Day 64 – 22 June 2009 – Feeling My Way

Now that the initial excitement of starting building the boat is over, and even though progress is slow, I find I am really enjoying the process.  This project is more about the making than about a way to get a boat to sail. 

I don’t have much woodworking experience, and so all these processes are new to me.  I am feeling my way, literally, because it is physical work that involves the whole body.  If I guess the right techniques and tools to use to sculpt the wood to the required shapes, and the work goes smoothly, needing only a reasonable amount of effort, then I know that I have found a good technique for the task.  If I were a boat-builder with experience of  several boats, I would be refining my techniques, but in my case, it is a series of new challenges.

Jay came over this weekend and helped with preparing the planks.  We also worked on shaping the keelson and glueing on the aft part that is split in two layers.  We now have a portable air conditioner in the garage to make it bearable . . . I feel spoiled.



  1. Wait. Where’s the photo???

  2. Challenges are good to face 🙂 I”m glad to hear the boat is coming along! Can’t wait to see the updated photos! Missing you!

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