Posted by: Alan Richards | July 12, 2009

Day 84 – 12 July 2009 – Planking


We got the first pair of planks on today, with Jay and Tom’s help.  It is great to reach this point after a lot of hard work shaping  the keel and stem.  The planks seem very thin, they are 5mm plywood.  Once everything is glued together it will probably be very strong – like an eggshell!! We’d better not run into any pointy rocks.


  1. Hi,

    I have just got a kit and styarted to build the same type of boat. The stern section of the keelson on my plan is made up of 2 planks like yours. how did you join the stern section to the forward section (did you cut out a rebate out of the forward section and glue?) this is where I am at and I am afraid of making a mistake. you lads appear to be very tidy workers my garage is a mess and very tight. I am in Ireland where are you building your boat. Regards

    • Hi John,
      I did just what you describe, the overlap between the two layer part and the solid keelson is about 8″. We are in Dallas, Texas where it is too hot in the garage – Ireland sounds good.

      • bank holiday weekend over here and I will try to get a bit done. It is difficult when you are on your own (afaid of making a mistake). If I can get the keelson shaped and in place over the next week I will be very happy, can you email me any photos you have of the keelson. Thanks for the info it is a great help. It has been raining here for the past month more like winter than summer. Dallas sounds good nice and warm. hope all works out for you with the boat. I rang ian oughtread a few times before I decided on the Tammie Norrie. He was very nice and did not mind been phoned, asked for pictures. I will keep in touch if you dont mind. Have a nice weekend. John

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