Posted by: Alan Richards | August 2, 2009

Day 105 – 2 August 2009 – Mistakes

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I haven’t made a major mistake, but I thought the title would get everyone’s attention.  At some point you have to accept that it will not be perfect.  If this could only be my second boat it would be so much better, but this is the first time for everything.  We did have a concern about the garboards sagging between the molds.  Alec Jordan emailed and wrote that he had noticed this in the last set of photos, he described the planks as having a “hungry dog” look.  I think this happened because the plywood is quite thin and floppy.  When it has a bend or twist to it, the plank has a solid shape, but the garboards are laid flat at the midships molds and tend to sag between molds.  We got the second plank on the starboard side today and it seems that when the two planks’ edges are joined together, it helps reduce the effect of the hungry dog with its ribs sticking out.



  1. Cool. This is really taking shape!

  2. Well done she is begining to take shape. I wish I was that far with mine. the more you do the less you will be afraid of making a mistake. I was saying yesterday that I wish I knew how acurate you have to be with everything or is there a bit of give and take with things. Well done..John C

    • Hi John
      Hope you are getting on well with your build. Shaping the keelson was a long and tedious process. It seemed we had to remove a lot of wood with the plane to make it into a shape where the planking would lie flat on it. The stem was the most difficult, I’d not sure we got it all right. We are just looking at it as we go with the planking to see if it looks right.

  3. It’s looking really good! I don’t see the hungry dog look at all 🙂 We all are following your entries over here… living and breathing the boat just as much as you are (but a whole lot less sweaty and stressed ) 🙂 xo

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