Posted by: Alan Richards | August 30, 2009

Day 137 – 30 August 2009 – 2 More Planks

2 sept 09 0032 sept 09 001


We had a productive weekend, two planks got attached.  We also had a moment of cold sweat panic and near disaster.  We had a plank nearly ready to go on, we had sanded the extra glue off the splice joint and all the epoxy was spread along the joints. I was careless in how I picked up the plank and it snapped in two in the middle under its own weight!  We decided to proceed since it would be difficult to scrape off the epoxy.  We fixed the two pieces on and make a splice joint with a patch behind the break line.  In the end it worked out fine and you can hardly tell that anything went wrong.  Epoxy glue is a forgiving material. The patch on the inside may be visible, but if we are lucky it will end up hidden under a thwart.

The hull is really taking shape – I find the the curving lines of the planks are fascinating to look at.  I also find myself doing silly things as I walk past her, I touch the warm wood and I give her a sharp slap on the aft quarters, just to hear the noise she makes!

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