Posted by: Alan Richards | September 13, 2009

Day 151 – 13 September 2009 – Taking Shape


As a break from putting the planks on, which is becoming a routine process, I started fitting the outer keel and stem.  There is a lot of fitting and adjusting needed to make the splice joints fit together between the several pieces.

It is fulfilling to see the boat taking shape and also fun writing this blog and getting feedback. I am interested in the differences between what really happens in the garage and the appearance of that as it is expressed in the blog.  The blog has made connections to people; family members in Britain and Italy and friends in Switzerland.  It is great that they can have the vicarious pleasure of fulfilling a dream and working with good tools.  But it is not the reality, they don’t get the warm feel or the smell of the wood.  There is an editor standing between them and the garage, putting a good face on things and deciding what is presentable.  For example, I realized that all the photos only show one side of the boat, the starboard side when she is right side up.  The other side is pushed up against the wall with a narrow gap filled with bicycles and stacks of wood.  I could just build half a boat and no one would know – at least until the launch day!


  1. It is really beautiful.

  2. Hi Alan, I’ve just been to the workshop of the Galgael Trust in Govan – a project which encourages traditional wooden boatbuilding craft. Thought you might like a look ( xJess

  3. wow pops, you’re quite the craftsman. 🙂 looks great!

  4. hi lads, I have been away in Portugal for the past 3 weeks and it is amazing the amount of work you have done in that time. She is realy taking shape. I went out into the garage and took a look at mine and decided the pub is a better option, difficult to get into it on your own and now the weather is getting cold. well done
    John Ireland

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