Posted by: Alan Richards | September 27, 2009

Day 166 – 27 September 2009 – Sunday Update

IMG_0273Nearly there!  Only one more plank to go and then we will lift her up and free her from the molds that have held everything  in the right shape, straight, true and level.  The hull now has its own existence.  Today, I crawled up underneath the hull to unscrew some screws.  It was exciting to experience what it is like to be inside the boat, even though it was upside down and a limited view I felt I was inside the boat for the first time.  There is a subtle point reached, it is the same when a building is being constructed, when it changes from a construction,  from putting some pieces of wood together in a planned way, to a space you can experience, you can occupy.

Tammie                   2rrie_Page_1

It is encouraging to reach a turning point and you can’t help thinking ahead to what will be done in the second half of the construction, such as what color to paint her, a name for her,  how to get sails made and what wood to use for the thwarts and floor boards.  The hull will be painted inside and out because  my carpentry skills are not good enough for the planks to be varnished; I had to lean heavily on the help of epoxy glue to make the scarph joints in the planks.  The color for the outside will be either blue or green, not white, not black or any kind of brown or red.  I am thinking of either royal blue or  pea green –  like the Owl and the Pussy-cat’s beautiful pea-green boat.  I plan to paint the inside an off white color.  The hull shape is reminiscent of a seed and I am thinking of the white color of the inside of an apple seed.

The trouble with writing a blog is that you record the project in real time.  If three years from now I am still trying to fit out the inside, I will read this entry with embarrassment, thinking optimistically that we could be ready by next spring.  So far it has gone together fairly smoothly, thanks to the kit of molds and planks from Jordan Boats.  From now forward we will be working only from the plans without any precut pieces.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS on reaching this milestone Alan!

    She’s looking great. Now, the fun begins. 🙂

  2. Looking good!
    When should we book to come and see it finished?

    • You are welcome any time to come and help finish it. It will be finished when it is finished.

  3. wow! Getting there! Looks great!

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