Posted by: Alan Richards | October 11, 2009

Day 181 – 11 October 2009 – Slow Progress

Still trying to fit on all the pieces around the keel, the skeg and stem.  It may not have been the best decision to use white oak for these.  It should be very durable, but working it with hand tools is difficult and it goes almost beyond my strength to plane a lot off, it is like planing a piece of iron.  I feel that if the wood were a little softer, I would spend more time getting the shape just perfect, but with the oak, unless you have a lot of diamond tipped tools, it is tempting to give up earlier and say it is good enough.



  1. But in the end you’ll be glad of the white oak…right? When you pull it from the water, year after year, and it gets bumped a bit, it will stand strong.

    This is a worthy undertaking. I’m glad you blog about it.

  2. I have an electric planer which is great for getting the bulk of the timber removed….well worth the money.

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