Posted by: Alan Richards | November 22, 2009

Day 224 – About a Name

I started thinking about a name for the boat soon after starting the project and wrote about it in an earlier post.  The names I was remembering then, names of 18th C. British warships such as Resolute, Ardent or Revenge, are too heavy and would sink a little boat. I then looked on the internet where you can find many joke boat names and I didn’t like any of them.

Annie might be a good name.  It is short and sweet.  It doesn’t have any strong associations, just a little connection to Scotland – “Annie Laurie” and a little connection to America – “_____ Get Your Gun”.

Chetna and Anna helped find an appropriate style for the letters and we have been experimenting with the laser cutter at work to burn the name onto a teak name plate.  It is not all final yet, but we are getting there.



  1. Big moment!

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