Posted by: Alan Richards | December 6, 2009

Day 238 – Becalmed

Boatbuilding has been put aside this week due to some distractions. However, some beautiful hardware arrived from Classic Marine – this is beautifully made and a hundred times more substantial than what is available at local marine stores.



  1. Guys, I am envious of your progress, I too am becalmed at the moment because we just bought a house. It is a 1920s renovated cottage so there is plenty of maintenance work to do every day. Your workmanship seems high quality and I now see the benefit of using the ply-clamps to clamp planks whilst the epoxy is drying, you have next to no screw holes in your planking which provides for a very clean finish. Although I haven’t updated my blog recently I have made it to plank five, so I’m over half way.
    Keep up the great work

  2. Hi Sean
    Good to hear from you. I have been enjoying following your blog too since we both are featured on the Jordan Boats website. I am just a beginner and feeling my way at this project. Good luck with the rest of the planking.

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