Posted by: Alan Richards | January 25, 2010

Day 288 – Thwarted – or Not

This is the ‘dummy thwart’ used to get length and angles right before cutting the expensive mahogany – this is the technique recommended in Greg Rossel’s book.

The hull seems to be susceptible to twisting and distorting at this stage, there isn’t much stiffening yet.  There was a lot of measuring to make sure that the thwarts were perpendicular to the center-line.  What looked okay by eye was sometimes half an inch off.


  1. Alan: Your blog is terribly inspiring and helpful as I am, hopefully soon, about to embark on a similar project building Iain’s Penny Fee, just a 16′ version of Tammie Norrie. Beautiful plumb stem, wine glass transom and sheer! Wish me luck. Annie is shaping up beautifully! Cheers, John Thistle, Rochester, MN, USA.

    • John
      I am sure that your project will give you a lot of pleasure as ours has to me. It is a great process, even if you are starting with minimal woodworking skills. Of course there will be concerns that won’t be resolved until we have sailed her for a bit and everything has stood up and held together.
      Wish you all the best for your project

  2. Alan,
    Keeping an egar eye on the project… Have started mine only on the 6th plank don’t think I will be able to have her ready for the mackrel here in Dublin this summer… What is the name of the book that you mention (by greg russel)
    John (Ireland)

  3. John:
    Here is a link on the book you are asking about:

    • Alan thanks that is amazing, I was just looking for a title, where would we be without the internet?

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