Posted by: Alan Richards | February 26, 2010

Day 320 – Sails

It has been a long slow time for boat building.  It has been a combination of things; very cold weather, too much work, and a long tedious task of sanding the extra epoxy spills off the bottom and filling the open joints with fillets of more epoxy.  However a few things have got done:

We made the tiller out of a piece of oak, using a round over router bit to shape all four sides, and we got the mast step made.

I also contacted some sailmakers to get an idea of what to budget for that part of the project.  The sails and the trailer are the last two major expenses in the project.    I had decided on the yawl rig and so there are two sails to be made, the mizzen and the balanced lug.

Research on the internet for traditional sailmakers for small boats came up with several names:

Louie Barbos –

Brad Hunter –

Stuart Hopkins –

They all look good and the prices quoted are almost identical for white dacron.  So we will have to find another way to choose who to go with than just price.  Perhaps it is naive to be thinking of ordering sails, perhaps there are months of work still ahead before we get to launching stage, but it would be great if we could be ready this summer.

Thinking about sails reminds me of when last year we worked on an architectural competition for a building on a dike, out in the middle of the sea, and we were thinking about sailing boats for inspiration.

Here is one of the ideas we came up with:   A boat exists at the boundary of two elements; water and air, and consists of two different parts; a hull and sails – fish and bird.  The part in the water is a solid form, compact and smooth with fair lines, the part in the air is light, expansive and thin.



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