Posted by: Alan Richards | February 28, 2010

Day 322 – Paint goes on

It has been a long process sanding the extra epoxy and filling the joints where needed, but finally one side of the boat was good enough for painting with the first coat of thinned primer.  I also put a coat of thinned varnish on the transom so that if any paint got on it it would not sink in.

Chetna and Ryan came to help and Ryan did a good job of cutting out the centerboard from the glued up strips of Honduras mahogany I glued and clamped yesterday.  Chetna was the chief painter.



  1. Beautiful! Thanks much for sharing!

    I just cut out the first stem piece for my Penny Fee yesterday, so your inspiration is great! JOHN

  2. Hello Alan and gang
    The TN is really looking good. Did you epoxy-coat the hull or apply the thinned primer directly to the wood? I am interested because on the weekend we had a woodworking show here in Newcastle and the only boat-making merchant looked at me strangely when I mentioned I had no intention of epoxy coating the whole hull. Why did you make your particular choice? What product (paint or epoxy) are you using.
    Looks great, keep going with your high standard

    • Hi Sean
      Sorry for the long delay in replying to your question. I am a complete beginner at this and don’t feel I can say with any authority on the question of whether to epoxy coat or not. Like many parts of this project, the proof of the pudding will come much later on. I made the decision to put thinned primer undercoat directly on the plywood after reading Iain Oughtred’s book – he says he has never put epoxy on the hull. Probably it is also laziness on my part and a desire to get on. The primer I used is from our local marine store – West Marine and is called Sea Gloss Pro. I plan to put an oil paint on top.
      Congratulations on putting your last planks on – she is looking good.

  3. BELISIMO!!! wow. You’re my hero, daddy 🙂

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