Posted by: Alan Richards | April 25, 2010

Day 371 – Mast and Rudder Pt. 2

We got the rudder shaped up, thanks to Ryan’s expertise.  We also worked on the mast, planing it from a square to an octagonal shape.  Chetna made the spar-maker’s tool, that marked the corners of the octagon along the length of the tapering mast.

It takes a lot of time and effort to do the planing, but it is pleasant work.  For a well written piece about wood shavings, click on this link. There are four more, shorter, spars to make after the mast.  I looked at an electric plane to help speed things up, but it was expensive, about $150.  I don’t like the idea of solving every woodworking challenge by shopping.  If you read the boat-building books by the experts, they can build boats with a minimum number of power tools, If I remember the list of essential tools in Iain Oughtred’s book, it consisted of a tape measure, plane, square, saw, drill and screwdriver.

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