Posted by: Alan Richards | June 6, 2010

Carpe Diem (via Build a Boat, Sail Away)

I really enjoy reading this blog from a boatbuilder working on a parallel track to mine.  This post is particularly good and I hope he will not mind if I re-blog it here.

Carpe Diem I stopped by my local home center today to buy yet another package of 50 grit sandpaper for the belt sander. While contemplating the selection, a helpful employee asked me how I was doing (“fine”) and if I needed any help (“No, thanks”). But then he caught me off guard with his third question. “So, what are you working on today?” I don’t generally reveal to strangers that I am building a boat. It seems a bit eccentric to talk about rudders and co … Read More

via Build a Boat, Sail Away



  1. Alan, Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I spend my time writing and, occasionally, cutting some cheap plywood. But you are building real, honest to goodness boat. It looks great! I’m increasingly jealous.


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