Posted by: Alan Richards | July 19, 2010

Day 456 – Pantechnicon

Now that the boat is getting near to completion, people are asking where we will go sailing and how we will get the boat to the water.  The current idea is; instead of buying a road trailer, to try to find a second-hand cargo trailer, like the one in this picture, although it need not look so nice.   A fourteen foot trailer, or a twelve foot with v-nose would fit the boat like a glove and would only need the addition of a winch to pull the boat into the trailer.  I think we could then do without a launching trolley, we could just strap a pair of wheels to the aft end of the keel and carry the boat down the ramp.

A cargo trailer would also solve another issue of where to store the boat at home.  We could pull the trailer up next to the garage and keep all the gear in it – a boat in a box.

The inspiration for this came from having seen in childhood a ‘Dragon’ housed in a pantechnicon – a furniture moving van.  The Dragon is a beautiful one-design from Denmark  – “Pendragon” belonged to a friend of my parents and we often went sailing together.


  1. Remember to make some really good ventilation in the cargo trailer. Temperatures go up and down, condensation etc. Not the best for your pretty boat.

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