Posted by: Alan Richards | September 27, 2010

Day 524 – Straightening out the mast

Thanks to Ryan for making a good effort at straightening out the mizzen mast that I had been having a problem with.  When I had cut the tapers with a circular saw, the cuts were not straight with the result that the mast didn’t look like an accurate, smoothly tapered spar but like a crooked old branch.  With some new guidelines marked out, Ryan did a good job with the block plane to bring it back to normal, but we still have a way to go.


  1. Wow This looks great! ALMOST finished!

  2. At last, a September message I thought you had given up
    but of course not1
    the Wightmans came down from Skye to spend the weekend with me and followed your progress chronicle with amazement and admiration they claim our family holiday at the penifiler boatyard was the start of the whole idea (40 tears ago)
    well done everyone Hope to come to the launch.
    it is wet and cold here unlike Texas

  3. wow Alan! When do you set sail?!

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