Posted by: Alan Richards | January 10, 2011

A Few More Pics

Here are a few more photos from the launch.

Since this completes the story of boatbuilding and future adventures of sailing will be another chapter, I am thinking of stopping this blog, although I will miss the friendly and encouraging comments.  We are enjoying having weekends back.  Apparently, there is a bathroom remodeling project coming up next although we will see whether it will be interesting enough to write a blog about.

Credit and thanks for the photos goes to Lorena’s brother.


  1. Beautiful boat, Alan. You can feel proud of the good work you have done. Congratulations!

    Do not close your blog, it will be interesting to share the wonderful days of sailing with the “Annie” that you will live soon (more than a blog about bathroom remodeling!).

    Greetings from the Mediterranean.

  2. Congratulations on launching your boat, She looks just grand, and I love the Balanced Lug Yawl rig. She’s a credit to her builders and designer, may you have many happy times in her.

  3. Just beautiful, Alan. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! JOHN

  4. A great achievement Alan, well done! Whether or not you continue your blog it still stands as a great legacy and record of your build. I regularly consult your blog to get details and hints for the next portion of my own boat build. Thanks for your enthusiasm and diligence in blogging, and thanks for showing me the way ahead and the quality required.
    I hope you enjoy many happy years sailing ‘Annie’

    Sean (Newcastle, Australia)

    • Thank you Sean for the nice words. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of your boat build as I did.

  5. lovely you inspire me to build one of these beautiful boats.Please dont remove blog

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