Adventures with Annie

2 April 2011 – Lake Lewisville, winds southerly 10-15mph. A perfect day for a date with Annie, Prerna, Chetna and Ryan.

16 April 2011 – Eagle Mountain Lake. Winds light NNW. Annie was having her photos taken for a D Magazine feature on the best 10 lakes of Texas. It was a beautiful day, and a nice place – we launched from the Fort Worth Boat Club. I enjoyed the sail. Now that everything is mostly sorted out, you can enjoy the boat, the company and being on the water. Chetna, Prerna, Mummy and Elizabeth, the photographer, came along. The girls have a very cool grandmother who was sporting enough to sail and did not seem nervous at all.

We located the pesky leak that has been bothering us, it is at the sides of the centerboard casing between the logs and the keel towards the aft. Now we can figure out the best way to fix it. David said that I would not be living up to the nature of an Architect if the things I created did not leak!



April 6, 2012. – Lake Lewisville.  A wonderfully relaxing day, celebrating Prerna’s birthday with the family; sailing and a great picnic of cheeses and salamis that Prerna picked out.  It is getting easier to go sailing, the packing and rigging is well organized now.

April 22, 2012.  White Rock Lake with Sarah, Ben and Pragya.  Beautiful day, winds 5-10 mph.

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